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Ultrasonic chemical reactor
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Ultrasonic chemical reactor

Brand: XINCHEN Model: NKG-3.0KW
National Service Hotline:+86-025-52855480
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Product description

Product description

Our ultrasonic reactor can play an important role in ultrafine comminution of powder materials in liquid phase, petroleum emulsion extraction, nano particle dispersion and precious metal purification. It can also promote the reaction of powdery substances, emulsification reaction and homogeneous reaction involved in the reaction

Product advantages and features

1. G3.3 high borosilicate glass is used, which has good chemical and physical properties, such as corrosion resistance and heat resistance
2. Alloy steel mechanical seal and PTFE soft connector have accurate sealing performance during operation.
3. Using PT100 sensor probe, it can carry out high-precision temperature measurement with less error and high efficiency
4. AC continuously variable speed motor, brushless, spark free, low noise, strong torque and high speed (50-800 / 50-600 RPM / min)
5. Coating reinforced PTFE agitator, especially for high viscosity reaction solvent, must be low viscosity. At the same time, different types of mixing paddles (anchor, paddle, impeller, frame, screw, etc.) can be selected
6. Teflon discharge valve is corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, no dead angle, no vibration, no sample accumulation, and flushing is rapid.
7. It can provide you with four, five, six or more multi neck reactor covers (main ports: constant pressure funnel port, mixing port, liquid addition port, solid feed port, temperature measurement port, evaporation reflux port)
8. Explosion proof equipment (explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof control panel, explosion-proof temperature LCD display) is optional.
9. Vertical high efficiency coil condenser or horizontal serpentine coil condenser (0.3-3m2)
10. PH meter, sand core filter, etc. Special kettle body structure can be designed according to customer requirements
11. Vacuum gauge. The stainless steel cover is corrosion-resistant, beautiful in appearance, completely sealed and filled with oil to protect the components from rust and impact
12. Control box. Explosion proof or normal motor can be selected. It is produced by well-known domestic enterprises and authorized by the national quality assurance department.

Product application

Ultrasonic jacketed glass reactors are widely used in petroleum industry, chemical industry, food and beverage factories, pharmaceutical factories, pesticide factories, metallurgical industry, scientific research institutions, environmental protection, universities, construction and construction fields, biology, cosmetics, various oil extraction and purification, etc.

Product parameters

Product model NKG-0.5KW NKG-1.0KW NKG-1.5KW NKG-2.0KW NKG-3.0KW
Frequency 20±1Hz
Power 0.5KW 1KW 1.5KW 2KW 3KW
Input voltage 220±10%/ 50 V / Hz
Temperature -80℃〜250℃
Emitter diameter 50 50 50 50 50
The ultrasonic generator 1. Intelligent control program
2. DDS frequency automatic detection and tracking        
3. DSP control circuit        
4. The ultrasonic power output is adjustable        
5. Power device - IGBT        
6. Continuous ultrasonic time up to 99 hours.


50L ultrasonic emulsification reactor
ultrasonic reactors
borosilicate glass 10l 20l 50l 100l reactors
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