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10L rotary evaporator
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10L rotary evaporator

Brand: XINCHEN Model: XZ-10L
National Service Hotline:+86-025-52855480
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Product Description

Vacuum rotary film evaporator is mainly used for continuous distillation of a large volatile solvents under reduced pressure . Especially for the concentration and crystallation of the extract and the distillation of the receiving liquid in the chromatographic separation can separate and purify the reaction medium . The basic principle of a rotary evaporator is vacuum distillation, that is , under the reduced pressure , the distillation flask is continuously rotaed as the solvent is distilled . The glass bottle filled with reaction contents is rotated and uniformly heated at a constant temperature . Under the condition of switching on negative pressure , the boiling point of the material is lowered , the liquid forms a film and evaporates , then the solvent is recovered through the glass coil condenser and the collector . It is an ideal equipment for concentration , crystallization , separation and solvent recovery of the heat senstitive materials .

Product Advantages & Features

  • This machine adopts advanced frequency conversion technology and electronic speed regulation, which can ensure the stable operation of motor. So this machine has high evaporation rate, high recovery.
  • Bath can reduce the damage degree in the lifting process. During the evaporation of low boiling point, collecting bottle can be immersed in bath, which can reduce the secondary evaporation.
  • The collecting bottle connected by mouth ball milling, easy loading and unloading, and it has high sealing.
  • High temperature durable seal, dynamic seal system has corrosion resistance and long service life, good air tightness under high temperature.
  • Using Japanese technology - AC induction motor, stepless speed regulation, no brush, no spark, can work long time effectively.
  • Rotary evaporator chassis, bath, main rod, shaft are made of high quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance and corrosion resistance
  • Intelligent temperature control, water and oil bath, more widely used. The temperature fluctuation is relatively small, only±0.2℃, evaporation is more stable, not easy to wash away the material.
  • The series of modular design, strong expansibility, easy installation, convenient maintenance.

Product Applications

Vacuum rotary evaporator are widely used in Petroleum Industry , Chemical Industry , Food & Beverge Factory ,Pharmaceutical Factory , Insectcide Factory , Metallurgical Industry , Scientific Institution , Environment Protection ,Universities ,Construction & Building areas , Biology , Cosmetics , various Oil Extraction and Purification , etc .

Product Paramenters

Model XZ-5L XZ-10L XZ-20L XZ-50L
Rotary flask Flange mouth Ø50 Flange mouth Ø95 Flange mouth Ø125 Flange mouth Ø125
Receiving flask 3L 5L 10L 20L
Rotation speed 20-140rpm 20-130rpm 20-130rpm 20-110rpm
Rotary motor power 250W 250W 250W 250W
Condenser pipe Vertical dual coil pipe Vertical type, main condenser + auxiliary condenser, efficient tri-backflow condenser pipe
Bath material Stainless steel
Temperature range RT-100℃
Ultimate vacuum -0.096Mpa
Evaporative capacity Water ≥2L/h        
Alcohol ≥4L/h
Water ≥4L/h        
Alcohol ≥6.5L/h
Water ≥5L/h        
Alcohol ≥11L/h
Water ≥10L/h        
Alcohol ≥19L/h
Lifting function Electric lifting
Lifting stroke 0-150mm 0-160mm 0-190mm 0-180mm
Power supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Overall power 1.5Kw 3Kw 4.5Kw 9Kw
Dimension 830×400×1100mm 990×550×1650mm 1160×600×1780mm 1350×770×2150mm


10L rotary evaporator
50L Rotovaps
Rotovap 50l
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