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100l Distillation Column /Rectification Reactor
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100l Distillation Column /Rectification Reactor

Brand: XINCHEN Model: XC-100L
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Product description

Jacketed glass reactor can be used for high temperature experiment (maximum temperature is 200℃), low temperature experiment (minimum temperature is -60℃) and vacuum test. It is an ideal equipment for small and medium-sized chemical experiments in modern chemistry, experimental biopharmaceuticals and synthesis of new materials. Moreover, the unique design of the reactor can ensure that the experiment is more convenient and safer.

Product features

  • Use G3.3 high borosilicate glass, which has good chemical and physical properties, such as corrosion resistance and heat resistance
  • Alloy steel mechanical seal, PTFE soft connector has precise sealing performance during operation. Using the PT100 sensor probe, high-precision temperature measurement can be carried out with less error and high efficiency.
  • AC continuously variable speed motor, brushless, no spark, low noise, strong torque and high speed (50-800 / 50-600rpm / min)
  • PTFE mixing paddle, suitable for mixing and mixing low to high viscosity liquids. At the same time, you can choose different types of mixing blades (anchor, paddle, impeller, frame, screw and other mixing blades).
  •  PTFE discharge valve, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, no dead corners, no vibration, no sample accumulation, fast flushing.
  • Can provide you with four, five, six or multi-port reactor covers (main openings: constant pressure funnel port, stirring port, liquid addition port, solid feed port, temperature measurement port, evaporation reflux port).
  • Explosion-proof equipment (explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof control panel, explosion-proof temperature LCD display) is optional.
  • Vertical high efficiency coil condenser or horizontal serpentine coil condenser (0.3-3 square meters).
  •  PH meter, sand core filter, etc. The special kettle body structure can be designed according to customer requirements.
  • Vacuum gauge. The stainless steel cover is anti-corrosion, beautiful in appearance, completely sealed and filled with oil to protect the components from rust and impact.
  •  control box . Explosion-proof or normal motors can be selected. Produced by a well-known domestic company and authorized by the national quality assurance department


Jacketed glass reactors are widely used in petroleum industry, chemical industry, food and beverage plants, pharmaceutical plants, pesticide plants, metallurgical industry, scientific research institutions, environmental protection, universities, construction and construction fields, biology, cosmetics, various oil extraction And concentration etc.



50l 100l rectification reactor
100l 50l distillation tower
50l alcohol distillation column
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